Improve radio reception with a directional antenna with a 3 decibel gainHow a radio reception site survey can help your agency or business:

If you or your company is experiencing difficulty receiving the radio channels you need to operate your business, have a RF technician do a site survey to help you understand your reception environment.  Attempting to receive radio frequencies and transmission can be an extremely frustrating exercise.  Channels from 60 miles away may be heard with zero interference or distortion, while the police dispatch from the town or country a few miles away is unintelligible, garbled, or even silent.

Why does this happen?

How can it be resolved?

Let an experienced RF technician give you all the answers and offer solutions to solve your reception problems once and for all so you can move on and focus on your business or public safety responsibilities.

What occurs during a typical radio reception site survey:

Testing for radio signals and measuring their strength, flutter, and reach is tedious work, but in performed by an experienced RF technician the results can be astounding.  Understanding the different properties of digital P25 Phases I & II signals, older analogy transmission, encryption, EDACS ProVoice, IMBE digital modulation, MOTO TURBO, OpenSky communications, TDMA, LTR Passport, and the numerous other radio systems that encompass our public safety and private communications systems is essential to efficiently and effectively addressing radio reception problems.

Dynamic Signal Analyzer HPSite Survey Steps & Expectations

  1. Contact us to discuss your goals and how we can help
  2. Schedule a site survey
  3. Reserve about a day for each location you would like surveyed.
    (Depending upon the number of counties, public safety departments or private radio systems, and/or towns you wish to receive this estimate can change.)
  4. For access to higher elevations, a boom or lift truck may need to be rented.
  5. Reserve access to each location you wish to have surveyed for reception.

A radio reception site survey can save countless hours of work and pay dividends for years to come if done right.  The techs that work with Site Survey America are the best in the United States with decades of combined experience.  End the frustration and contact us today.