In a word, yes – Radio reception can and eventually will change over time.

There are a number of reasons why radio reception environments change.  Some of these changes in the quality and clarity of radio reception as well as the complete loss of signal are most often driven by five factors.  Here are some common questions asked to help understand how an broadcast that was previously receivable can be lost:

  • Has the physical environment around the antenna change?
  • Has the antenna been moved to a different location?
  • Could a electric surge destroy reception components such as a T-splitters or multicoupler?
  • Did any of the connections come loose from the antenna to the radio?
  • Was a cell tower recently installed anywhere near the receive site location?
  • Did the type of broadcast change to a newer technology, such as analog transmissions to digital?

Knowing the “why” in relation to the loss or degradation of radio signal is only half the battle.  The other half is knowing how to resolve the problem and create and favorable reception environment.  This is where the techs who operate with Site Survey America can solve your reception problems.

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